Collective efforts vital to put country in right direction: Aneeq Ahmad

LAHORE  -   Caretaker Fed­eral Minister for Religious Af­fairs and Interfaith Harmony Aneeq Ahmad, during a visit to Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), said here on Friday that as a nation, collective efforts were required to put the country in the right direction. He said, “Pakistanis are peace-loving people and we welcome people with open heart.” He said all seg­ments of society felt pain of the Jaranwala incident. He said the Pakistan flag was incomplete if white part was missing in it. An­eeq Ahmad said, “Our religious scholars open doors of mosques for their Christian brothers just to tell that Islam is a progressive religion, it welcomes people and tells them that Islam provides everyone with help in times of distress.” The caretaker minister said that the country was pass­ing through difficult times, and added that nations did face cri­ses and challenges in their lives. There was need to help people get rid of distress, the minister said adding that strategies were being evolved which would yield good results.

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