Hushing the horrid parking – lens of a commuter


Road safety has been an uproar for citizens and law enforcing institutions because several people lose their battle to life because of improper approaches. Since it is a diverse topic, the significance of safe parking cannot be denied. Parking in urban areas has become a critical issue as the city continues to expand and witness an increasing number of vehicles on its roads. Wrong or prohibited parking is a prevalent problem that not only causes traffic congestion but also disrupts the overall order and safety of the city. Similarly, the stance of wrong parking is not just limited to parking vehicle but also includes violations of one-way and the traffic laws. 
Wrong or prohibited parking refers to the act of parking vehicles in areas where it is explicitly prohibited by law, such as no-parking zones, pedestrian walkways, or on the sides of busy roads. Over time, it is observed that the curse of wrong parking has resulted in different social disruptions such as robberies associated to vehicles or its parts, improper vehicle locking attempts, and a general  disruption that can lead to a major imbalance in the daily life activities. 
Different cities of Pakistan has witnessed major instances of wrong parking, resulting in road accidents, vehicle collisions as well as major losses to human lives. It spurs the need of immediate efforts from ministerial and provincial authorities to come up with some protective and precautionary measures along with legal initiatives to empower road safety enclosed with safe parking initiatives. 
Islamabad being the heart of Pakistan has seen major upheaval and urbanization in the past few years. Similarly, serving as the hub of corporate sectors, connecting different areas, parking and road safety has been an epitome of controversial debates. Unfortunately, the city has also seen several derogatory incidents, alongside major public ignorance towards safe and law-oriented parking. 
To mitigate the increased instances of prohibited or wrong parking, Islamabad Police has been introducing multiple initiatives, ranging from genuine guidelines to practical measures of curbing wrong parking. Being a citizen of Islamabad, and a commuter, it is recognized that Special Police Squad comprising thirty lifters is a major relief yet a constructive approach. The Special Police Squad can be seen working in different areas of Islamabad, dealing with wrong parkers in the form of challans, and strict check and balance. Islamabad Police has now dealing with the issue of road safety with evident attention, which can facilitate the public while maintaining a harmonious vibe in the bustling city. 
This initiative is a testament to the excellence of law enforcement bodies to curb and mitigate traffic law violations, and bring parking reforms. Additionally, community policing is also playing a central role in educating the public regarding road safety, and how law abiding can restore peace in the city while reducing the unfortunate incidents ratio.

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