Pakistan, Khalistan natural allies of US: SFJ communique to Biden

LONDON  -   Sikh for Justice (SFJ) emphasized in a communique to US President Joseph R. Biden, Jr that Pakistan and Khalistan are natural allies of America.

In a message directed to US President Joe Biden, a communique drafted by Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Attorney at Law and General Counsel for SFJ, highlighted the natural alliance between Pakistan and Khalistan with the United States.

The message suggests that aligning with Pakistan and supporting Khalistan could foster peace and stability in the South Asian region, reflecting evolving dynamics in international relations.

On behalf of the US-based Sikh sovereignty organisation ‘Sikhs For Justice (SFJ)’, the communication pertains to the worldwide Khalistan Referendum, addressing the question: “Should Indian Governed Punjab Become an Independent Nation?” The relevant information can be found at www.PunjabReferendumCommission. org.

An American organisation, well-supported by the American Sikh community, is reaching out to underscore the natural and dependable allies of the United States in South Asia – Pakistan and Khalistan.

It emphasised that throughout the past 50 years, historical evidence strongly indicates that Pakistan, rather than India, has consistently stood as a supporter of the United States.

Whether during the Afghan conflict against the USSR or in the War on Terror, Pakistan has endured significant sacrifices, including the tragic loss of over 80,000 of its citizens, all while remaining a steadfast ally of the United States. Conversely, India has consistently acted against the interests of the United States and its citizens. In the current Russia- Ukraine War, the Modi-led Indian government has aligned itself with Russia and is engaging in trade valued in billions of dollars with Russia, even in the midst of international embargoes. This stance effectively undermines American interests by providing substantial financial support to Russia’s war efforts.

Given Pakistan’s status as a reliable ally, the establishment of Khalistan within the region of Indian-administered Punjab would naturally enhance Pakistan’s position and advance American interests in the region.

Therefore, once Khalistan is established, it will bolster Pakistan’s standing, counter Indian influence, and safeguard America’s strategic interests in South Asia.

It appeals to the President to reinforce America’s relationship with its trusted ally Pakistan and endorse Punjab’s separation from India through the Khalistan Referendum.

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