KARACHI   -   Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Engr Hafiz Naeemur Rehman has raised serious questions over the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to hold delimitation for the next elections on the basis of the flawed 2017 census.

The JI leader while addressing a party gathering at Shah Faisal colony near the airport area said that only the half of Karachi’s population was counted in the 2017 census held during the tenure of the PML-N.

He further said that resources are distributed and policies are devised for an area on the basis of its population. He maintained that Karachi deserves more seats in the national and the provincial assemblies, as well as an enhanced share in resources.  Engr Rehman said that delimitations on the basis of a flawed census would be tantamount to sheer injustice to 30 million residents of Karachi. The JI leader while comparing the JI with other parties in the political arena of Karachi said that the JI has been fighting for the rights and cause of Karachi since a long ago, while the parties bestowed with mandate by Karachities did nothing for the Megalopolis.

He maintained that the MQM and the PTI increased the miseries to Karachi and its citizens by paving ways to legalize the flawed results of the 2017 census.

He said that a musical chair game being played by various forces in the  country for the past seven decades is called politics. He added that infact the politics is a really holy and sacred obligation discharged by prophets.

He recalled that unfortunately both the PPP and the MQM did nothing to resolve the major problem of acute water crises in the city. Instead the two parties reduced the K4 project from 650 million gallon water to 260 million gallon water.  He added that in the current scenario the JI is the best choice for Karachi and Karachities.