BAHAWALPUR - Punjab Police Helpline, Police Pukar 15 responded to 2,774 phone calls seeking emergency help from police during month of March 2022.

According to a spokesperson for Bahawalpur police, Punjab Police Helpline, Police Pukar 15 received 63,299 phone calls from people during month of March 2022 who sought help from Bahawalpur police.

He said the police provided 2,774 people with help immediately while responding to their phone calls. He added that Bahawalpur police also provided guidance to people on 4,399 phone calls.

He said that 1,770 phone calls were considered as fake or irrelevant phone calls. Meanwhile, District Police Officer (DPO), Bahawalpur, Abadit Nisar urged citizens to avoid making fake and wrong phone calls to Police Pukar 15 Helpline.

DPO holds Khuli Katchehri

District Police Officer (DPO) Abadit Nisar organised a khuli katchehri (open court) at his office and issued directives on applications submitted by people.

According to a spokesperson for Bahawalpur police, the khuli Katchehri was held following the instructions of the Punjab government and Punjab Inspector General of Police Rao Sardar Ali Khan.

As many as 18 people came at the khuli katchehri who submitted their applications about their complaints or cases registered at different police stations.

The DPO issued directions on the applications and made the SDPOs and SHOs to immediate respond on them besides submitting report to his office.