SUKKUR - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) northern Sindh General Secretary Mobeen Ahmed Jatoi has said that the Sindh government and the municipal authorities were not prepared to deal with the monsoon rains at all, which resulted in the flooding of old Sukkur areas. In a press release issued here on Sunday, he said different areas of old Sukkur, including Waspur Muhalla, tonga stand, Royal Road, Minara Road, Bachal Shah Miani, New Pind, Islam Colony, Workshop Road, Teer Chowk, Golimar, Garam Godi and High Court Road were submerged under three to four feet water. He said that ‘corrupt’ practices of elected representatives belonging to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) were also to blame for this mess.

Jatoi expressed the apprehension that millions of rupees would now be usurped in the name of draining out rainwater from the low-lying areas.

The PTI leader opined that one could not expect anything better from PPP’s government in Sindh except corruption and malpractices.

He said it was unfortunate that Sukkur, which was the third largest city of the province, had been left at the mercy of nature by ‘corrupt and inefficient’ government.