No forced load-management being carried out: Hammad

ISLAMABAD - Minister for Energy Hammad Ahzar on Monday apprised the National Assem­bly that no forced power load-shedding was carried out across the country due to generation shortfall.

Replying to various supplementary questions during Question Hour, the minister said announced load manage­ment was being carried out in areas of high losses or transmission bottle necks. He said installed generation ca­pacity was sufficient enough to meet the system load demand.

The government was well aware of the importance of supplying uninter­rupted power supply and best possible efforts were made to meet the system load demand. The minister said the government enhanced transmission capacity by 4000 MW during the last three years while 3000 MW capacity would be enhanced in coming year.

To another question, he said two ex­ploration and production companies i.e. Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pakistan Petro­leum Limited (PPL) were operating in Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi. Missa Keswal Lease was operated by OGDCL while Adhi Mining Lease was operated by PPL. He said since no Pe­troleum Concession Agreement/Policy was applicable on the both Leases, therefore no Social Welfare Obligation was applicable in both of these Leases. 

However, he said both of the Compa­nies were conducting voluntary Corpo­rate Social Responsibility (CSR) activi­ties on their own initiatives in the area for the lasting benefits of the locals.

Since 2014-2015 to 2020-2021, OGDCL and PPL had spent Rs 10.79 million and Rs 147.86 million, respec­tively under CSR. To a separate ques­tion, Hammad Azhar said our local gas reserves were fast depleting and it was recorded 8-9 per cent per annum. The demand and supply gap was being bridged with LNG import, he added.