Pakpattan Police confirm arrest of most-wanted extortionist

LAHORE  -  The Pakpattan Police arrested the notori­ous extortionist Ashraf alias Achi Gujjar, during a raid, here on Wednes­day. According to a po­lice spokesperson, on the special directives of District Police Of­ficer (DPO) Pakpattan Tariq Wilayat, the po­lice took action against gangsters, extortion­ists and other crimi­nals involved in serious crimes, and arrested Ashraf alias Achi Gujjar.

He said that the ac­cused was involved in more than 20 cases of murder, kidnapping, violence, rape, aerial fir­ing, extortion and theft in different police sta­tions and most wanted by the police.

“The DPO ordered immediate action af­ter receiving a com­plaint against the said accused, on which Pakpattan Police con­ducted a raid and ar­rested the notorious extortionist Ashraf alias Achi Gujjar,” he said and added that the arrested accused used to collect extortion money from various businessmen in Pak­pattan and threatened serious consequences in case of non-payment of extortion or report­ing to the police, fear­ing which citizens were forced to pay extortion.

Since the accused was a symbol of fear in the society, the police hand­cuffed the accused and took him around the city on foot to remove the fear of the accused from the hearts of the citizens and later locked him up in custody, spokesper­son, the spokesperson concluded.

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