Seminar held to raise awareness about breastfeeding

Peshawar  -   In observance of World Breastfeeding Week, a seminar took place at Jamrud Hospital with the primary objective of raising awareness about the vital significance of maternal breastfeeding for infants.

Among the attendees were esteemed figures such as District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Zafar, Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Ihtesham Khan, Dr Nelum from the National Nutrition Program, Field Supervisor Motivation Officer (FSMO) Dr Usman, District Nutrition Manager Anum Afridi, Dr Shahid Afridi, and other distinguished individuals.

During their addresses, the speakers comprehensively elucidated the numerous advantages of breastfeeding. They emphasized that mother’s milk stands as the purest and most beneficial nourishment for newborns, effectively safeguarding them against a plethora of diseases. In contrast, formula milk was highlighted as having potentially detrimental effects on both maternal and infant health.

The speakers also underscored the religious and cultural significance of breastfeeding. Citing an example from the Islamic tradition, they pointed out that mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their infants for two years, underscoring the importance of this practice.

Moreover, it was highlighted that breastfeeding not only contributes to the overall health and well-being of infants but also confers positive health effects on mothers. Infants who receive maternal milk tend to exhibit better mental and physical health compared to those who are deprived of this essential source of nutrition.

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