The age of disinformation  

We are living in an information age; paradoxically, it is not an era of knowledge. The rise of social media has unleashed an onslaught of information and disinformation, bombarding us with a constant flow of meaningless feeds, shorts, reels, statuses, updates, and tweets designed to captivate and waste our time. This excess of content has diminished the value of true knowledge, which arises from thoughtfully synthesising information. What is even more concerning is how social media platforms possess the power to mould our perception of reality through personalised algorithms, creating echo chambers that reinforce our existing beliefs. 

As Cathy O’Neil eloquently describes in her book ‘Weapons of Math Destruction,’ these harmful feedback loops can distort our comprehension of the world, leading us to believe baseless and absurd conspiracy theories. In these challenging times, we must actively pursue wisdom and cultivate the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, enabling us to navigate through the overwhelming noise and uncover the truth.



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