Lack of teachers in Talveeg Balnigwar

Talveeg, a small village in the southwestern part of district Kech, is grappling with a short­age of teachers in its schools. With three primary schools, one of which is designated as a middle school, the situation is dire. The girls’ school, for instance, has only one teacher, who has been teach­ing since 1994 but lacks effective teaching methods. The question arises: how can a single teacher manage a primary school alone? If this is feasible, why aren’t other in­stitutions following suit?

Another issue surfaces in this school—the students only learn Urdu words until they graduate, lacking comprehension and speak­ing skills. This raises concerns about their performance in com­petitive exams. While the possi­bility of the school advancing to a higher level exists, there’s no an­nouncement of additional teachers. This prompts doubts about wheth­er the current teacher will handle higher classes, leaving uncertainty about the students’ future careers.

In conclusion, students are the future of any nation and deserve a robust education system. The government is urged to address this issue promptly.



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