Media can play key role in promoting human rights by sensitising general public, says Info Minister

KARACHI-Caretaker Minister for Information, Minority Affairs and Social Protection Muhammad Ahmad Shah has termed the media a partner in promoting human rights as it informs, educates and sensitizes the general public and policymakers, civil society, and those implementing the laws and policies.
Ahmad Shah, in a message on the eve of International Human Rights Day, urged the media to play a due role in creating awareness and implementation of the Human Rights Laws. “Media must encourage and promote the provision of information and education about human rights standards for bolstering transparency as key steps towards safeguarding the rights of the citizens”, he stressed. He said that human rights were ingrained in all religions & cultures, and every member of the civil society is morally bound to play an active role in ensuring human rights.
“Every year December 10 is celebrated as International Human Rights Day to focus upon catalytic and innovative measures which can make the world a comfortable place, especially for the members of vulnerable communities like children, women, transgenders and people with disabilities (PWDs)“, he added.
He said Pakistan’s Constitution serves as an anchor and guarantor of fundamental freedom and human rights to all citizens. “The government is translating its commitments to the international community into policy and legislation despite challenges such as lack of education & awareness, social & cultural discriminatory patterns, intolerance and extremism”, he added.

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