NAB, Educational Institutes mark International Anti-Corruption Day

MULTAN  -  In a concerted effort to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of corruption on the social and economic fabric of Pakistan, the National Account­ability Bureau (NAB) Multan joined hands with vari­ous educational institutions to mark Anti-Corruption Day, here on Saturday. The event, held at BZU Jinnah Auditorium, in collaboration with renowned entities, served as a platform to illuminate the far-reaching consequences of corruption and emphasized the piv­otal role society must play in eradicating the menace.

Distinguished guests, including Ex Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Mamoon Rashid, graced the occasion and shared profound insights on the im­perative need for collective action against corrup­tion. The speakers including Justice Retd Mamoon Rashid, DG NAB Masood Alam Khan, Commissioner Multan Division Aamir Khattak, Saqib Nazeer Direc­tor Institute of Southern Punjab, Professor Dr Muqa­rab Akbar and some others stressed the importance of fostering a society that actively participates in efforts to eliminate corruption, recognizing it as a shared responsibility. The Anti-Corruption Day event featured engaging discussions and presenta­tions that shed light on how corruption undermines the very foundations of a nation, impacting both its social cohesion and economic stability. The collabo­ration between NAB and educational institutions aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and ethical awareness among the youth, empowering them to become ambassadors for a corruption-free society.

The speakers underscored the role of education in shaping a society’s values and urged educational in­stitutions to incorporate anti-corruption awareness into their curricula. The collaborative effort sought to inspire a commitment to integrity and ethical con­duct among students and the broader community.

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