NAB working on three-pronged strategy to curb corruption: DG NAB

ISLAMABAD  -  Director General National Account­ability Bureau (NAB) Mirza Muham­mad Irfan Baig Saturday said that his institution was working on a three-pronged strategy to curb corruption from the country. 

Addressing an event organised by Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) to observe the Inter­national Anti-Corruption Day, he said that the strategy included creating bet­ter awareness among the people about the harmful effects of corruption, tak­ing preventive measures against cor­ruption and improving the NAB laws to ensure their strong enforcement.

The situation of corruption in Paki­stan is not as bad as it is highlighted, he said adding that the majority of officers in Pakistan wanted to avoid corruption, while a few officers ben­efit from it. As a whole, Pakistani so­ciety is not corrupt, which is promis­ing, said a press release issued here. He said that NAB was reaching out to the students, teachers, members of the business community and civil so­ciety to sensitize them about corrup­tion. Messages on anti-corruption were delivered in the sermons of last Friday prayers across the coun­try, he added. He said that necessary amendments were being made to the Cooperative Act to eliminate corrup­tion in private housing societies. He resolved that NAB would continue to work with all stakeholders to elimi­nate corruption from the society. Speaking on the occasion, Ahsan Za­far Bakhtawari, President ICCI said corruption always keeps countries underdeveloped, so corruption has to be eradicated to make Pakistan a developed, prosperous and great country. He urged the business com­munity to always discourage speed money, adding that societies invested in corruption cannot attract invest­ment, so to make Pakistan an attrac­tive country for investment, corrup­tion must be eradicated. He said that together with NAB, the ICCI was ready to start a campaign against corruption from Islamabad, which could be extended to other parts of the country later on. He assured that ICCI would cooperate with NAB to end corruption from the society.

Director NAB Captain (R) Muham­mad Faheem Qureshi said that it was easy to criticize NAB, but this agency had collected 600 to 800 billion ru­pees and deposited it in the national treasury. The NAB will continue its ef­forts to eradicate corruption from the society for which it needs the support of all stakeholders, he expressed. En­gineer Azharul Islam Zafar,Vice Presi­dent ICCI said if the society boycotts corrupt people, it can be discouraged in the country. He said that more seminars and awareness programs should be organised to sensitize the society about the harmful conse­quences of corruption.

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