Scholars, intellectuals term Shah Latif Bhitai poet of humanity, custodian of language

HYDERABAD-Scholars, intellectuals, and writers Describing Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, a poet of humanity and custodian of language, stressed the need for preserving language to transform Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s message of peace, brotherhood, and humanity into a young generation.
They expressed these views while addressing the two-day” Shah Latif Festival for Children” organised by the Sindhi Language Authority on Saturday. The festival started with the “vaai” of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, narrated by the students of Gul Ursani School. Secretary Sindhi Language Authority Dr. Ahsan Danish said in his welcome address that Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai was a great thinker and poet of all segments of society. Famous writer Dr. Manoj Kumar said that the purpose of organising a children’s festival is to present tableaus, paintings, speech competitions, and introduce Shah Abdul Latif and his poetry and message to children. Caretaker Sindh Minister Ahmed Shah, addressing the event, said that in the 17th century, very great poets were born, including Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Shah Hussain, Bhule Shah, and Khushal Khan Khatak, who were poets of the people and did not represent the elite class. He said that Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai had presented women as “Soormis” in his poetry, like Marvi, Noori, Sasui, He said that thinkers like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai were much needed in this critical time.
Caretaker Culture Minister Syed Junaid Ali Shah said that Sindh was highly rich in culture and historical heritage but unfortunately has not yet given its due status to our culture, civilization, history, and poets like Shah Abdul Latif as well. He said that the message of Latif was not only for Sindh but for entire humanity, which should be spread throughout the whole world. He said that the Culture Department has published Shah Latif’s poetry in English, French, and Urdu, and the Culture Department would assist every institution, including the Sindhi Language Authority, who would make efforts to disseminate our heritage sites, culture and message of Shah Latif. Chairman Sindhi Language Authority Dr. Ishaq Samejo, addressing the maiden session, said that Shah Latif constructed the new Sindh through his poetry in such a beautiful way that it could last for thousands of years.
Emnent writer Taj Joyo said that Latif was not only our poet but was a great poet of the world and had command over several languages, but he narrated poetry in his mother tongue, Sindhi. Famous poets Ayaz Gul and Mukhtiar Malik also spoke on the occasion.
Meanwhile, Caretaker Sindh Minister for Information, Minorities Affairs Syed Ahmed Shah and Caretaker Culture Minister Junaid Shah on Saturday jointly inaugurated two-day Shah Latif Children Festival at Sindh Museum. They visited book stalls set by different publication institutes including Sindhi Language Authority, National Book Foundation and others.

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