ZEM Builders creating an extraordinary living experience

LAHORE - ZEM Builders has been a leading name in the real estate industry in Pakistan for the past 12 years. Founded by Zeeshan A. Qureshi, the company has consistently raised the bar for luxury living in the country. With a growing demand for affordable housing and an increasing interest from foreign investors, the Pakistani real estate market has seen significant growth in recent years.
In an exclusive interview, Zeeshan shed light on the socio-political challenges, of investing in real estate during this time of inflation. He also emphasised how market trends change continuously. Commenting on how ZEM Builders is adding to growing the industry, Zeeshan said that timely delivery sets them apart in the real estate industry. He added that they are dedicated to creating not just buildings, but extraordinary living experiences that focus on innovation and quality.
When questioned about the current inflations and risks attached, Zeeshan positively expressed that investing in real estate is considered a prudent move, as property prices typically have an upward trajectory. He said that ZEM Builders recognizes all the challenges attached and aims to navigate them by adjusting rental rates for property owners and utilizing real estate as a buffer against soaring rental expenses.
Explaining ZEM Builders’ mission, Zeeshan shared that their core commitment is to offer the epitome of design, architecture, and construction. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, infusing vitality and convenience into the daily lives of all our clients. He underscored the focus on modernism combined with a touch of class, stating that ZEM Builders creates state-of-the-art designs that carry a hint of tradition.
Highlighting quality as another key aspect of ZEM Builders’ philosophy, Zeeshan exclaimed that the company makes no compromises when it comes to design principles, resulting in outcomes that exemplify world-class standards. Saying that their projects are known for their heavenly excellence, a testament to the unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch quality.” In addition to innovation and quality, Zeeshan highlighted that the company has a track record of on-time and often early project deliveries, recognizing the value of time and working tirelessly to ensure client satisfaction.
Zeeshan stressed the importance of being committed to going beyond the physical structure of the buildings and aiming to transform lives and add genuine value for all its clients. Through innovative concepts like smart homes and sustainable infrastructure, the company envisions a redefined living experience for Pakistanis, Zeeshan keenly shared. Highlighting some key projects of ZEM which include, ZEM Heights, ZEM Ark, ZEM Mall, and ZEM Gardenia, Zeeshan exemplified their dedication to crafting environments that enrich lives, embracing green living and state-of-the-art architecture.
While commenting on the future outlook for ZEM Builders, Zeeshan emphasized the aim to leverage new technologies and innovation to meet evolving industry and customer needs. He also shared that the company was recognized with the prestigious RCCI ‘Brand of the Year Award’ in 2021, highlighting that the company continues to stand steadfast towards its commitment to innovation, quality, and timely delivery. Answering a question about the ZEM Builders’ latest campaign, ‘Where Every Moment Matters,’ Zeeshan explained that while innovative practices and dedication to providing top-notch services are at the heart of their business model, the company continuously aims to push boundaries, offering sustainable constructions, and engaging with the community to provide a holistic living experience. Zeeshan announced some exciting plans for the future and said that ZEM Builders is eager to incorporate cool technologies and eco-friendly setups.

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