Pakistan Cables completes 3rd ACCC® conductor installation in Pakistan

LAHORE - Pakistan Cables has supported Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) in investing in new technology to upgrade its distribution system by successfully installing ACCC® conductor, a product that has increased the capacity of the transmission line by 78% and has resulted in a substantial reduction in line losses. This installation took place to upgrade the 132 kV double circuit transmission line from KAPCO to Kot Addu Grid station. 
With the re-conductoring of the existing AAAC Greely Conductor to the Pakistan Cables ACCC® Drake Conductor the capacity of transmission line increased from 1800 Amps to 3200 Amps. In addition, the Sag Profile of transmission has been improved, which is a major relief for the residents residing in the buildings under the transmission line. The clearance of line from residential buildings has improved significantly and without any modification in the existing structures and right of way problem.
In March 2021, MEPCO awarded the project to Pakistan Cables for installation of locally manufactured ACCC® conductor, which was successfully completed in December 2021. During 2018-2019, Pakistan Cables completed the qualification process for producing ACCC® conductors at its manufacturing facility in Karachi which was conducted under the supervision of CTC Global Inc., USA.
With the installation of Pakistan Cables ACCC® conductor, the company has three successful installations across Pakistan. “This innovative technology is direly needed to transform the existing national transmission and distribution system from overloaded lines (specifically in crowded areas) to efficient and effective systems that offer long term gains for the country financially, socially and environmentally. Reduced line losses and energy efficiency through ACCC® conductors are the need of the hour and it is encouraging to see MEPCO taking the lead on adopting new technologies,” commented Fahd K. Chinoy, CEO Pakistan Cables Ltd.
With growing power demands in Pakistan, the use of overhead conductors for power transmission has increased and Pakistan Cables is leading the revolution in the segment with the ACCC® conductors with expected benefits to the country’s overloaded transmission and distribution infrastructure. 

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