KARACHI - Adviser to CM Sindh on Religious Affairs, Zakat and Ushr Fayyaz Ali Butt on Wednesday said that religious scholars have a very important role to play in maintaining religious tolerance and harmony in the society. With this positive role we will keep up the good work so that we can move forward. 

He said this while talking here to religious scholars on the occasion of his visit to Madrasa Jamia Banuria Karachi. Former provincial minister Nadeem Bhutto also accompanied adviser to CM on the occasion.

Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister Fayyaz Ali Butt was welcomed by Mufti Noman Naeemi of the madrassa. Fayyaz Ali Butt also visited different sections of the madarssa. Mufti Noman Naeemi briefed Fayyaz Ali Butt on the educational facilities provided by the madrassa. Fayyaz Ali Butt further said that Madrasa Jamia Banuria has an important role to play in creating religious harmony. 

Religious scholars should play their role in promoting religious tolerance in Pakistani society. Religious scholars of all schools of thought should work together for the development of the country and the province.  He said that the government of Sindh has great respect for the scholars. The purpose of the visit to the madrassa is also to strengthen the ties between the Sindh government and the religious scholars.  Fayyaz Ali Butt said that the Zakat Department provides financial assistance to the students of religious schools. Religious madrassas are playing their role for the betterment of education.