Samar Haroon Bilour sets high bar by visiting, congratulating opponent

ISLAMABAD  -  Awami National Party (ANP) leader Samar Haroon Bilour demonstrated remarkable grace on Friday by visit­ing and extending heartfelt congratu­lations to her opponent.

“I maintained the tradition set by my late husband, Haroon Bilour,” she added. Talking to a private news channel, she expressed that it’s a tradition they uphold after every election campaign, regardless of victory or defeat, to visit their op­ponents first. Samar, along with her son Daniyal, extended heartfelt con­gratulations to Meena Khan Afridi and his team. They were pleased with their workers’ efforts and be­lieved that all political workers, whether from their party or oppo­sition, deserved commendation for their role in completing the demo­cratic process, she added.

She acknowledged the hard work of opposition supporters in her con­stituency and shared the joy of their success as political leaders. Samar concluded by sending best wishes to the newly elected representatives for their service to the nation.

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