Gun club’s official seeks FIR against lawmaker

| Accuses MNA Daniyal Aziz of hurling abuses and physical attack

ISLAMABAD -  An official of the Gun and Country Club (GCC), Islamabad, has filed an application with the police seeking a case against a lawmaker of the ruling party accusing him of physical assault and maltreatment.

GCC Manager Administration and Finance, Yasir Javed, has put up the application with the Aabpara police stating that on January 7, MNA Daniyal Aziz, who is also an administrator of the club, called him to the secretary’s office and allegedly coerced him to transfer charge of manager administration to another official. According to him, when he refused to oblige while citing some official snags, the lawmaker abused him and physically assaulted him. 

“On January 7, Daniyal Aziz called me to the secretary’s office at 7:30 pm. He started discussion an official matter regarding the transfer of charge of Manager Administration to Mr Nauman Afzaal, Assistant Manager Administration. Daniyal Aziz coerced me to transfer (him). I replied that such matters require the approval of the Managing Board of the club. After arguing on the issue for some time, suddenly, Mr Daniyal Aziz got up from his chair and came right up at me with a clear and planned intention of physical assault while I was sitting in front of him and started shouting at me,” he said in the application submitted to the police.

Javaid alleged that Daniyal Aziz “attacked him, started slapping and blowing on the right side of his forehead”. “After that, I was restrained from entering the club premises,” he said. The applicant further alleged that Aziz shouted at him while touting his official position.

“I requested him to remain calm and sit back so that we can talk but he shouted at me to get out of the office immediately. While I was leaving the secretary’s office, he abused me ‘son of a bitch’. When I told him not to hurl abuses, he came out of the office using abusive language and attacked me from the back and started slapping and blowing me at the right side of my forehead while the GCC Secretary Athar Rauf Bhatti and AM Admin Nauman Afzal helped the administrator while holding me strongly. Mr Daniyal Aziz kept on hitting me and continued hurling abuses,” the applicant alleged.

The complainant has claimed to have annexed initial medical examination and CT Scan reports with the application. He has also requested the police to take action against the MNA and also requested protection and security for himself and his family.

The investigation officer of the case, Zahoor Ahmed, told The Nation that the application will be proceeded once the victim submits a medico-legal certificate, which he has promised to furnish today (Tuesday).

“The matter has also been brought to the notice of the interior minister and the police were still waiting for any direction from his office on the issue,” said the police official. Daniyal Aziz could not be reached for comments despite repeated attempts.

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