Tribal women protest again flour price hike

KHyBER            -          For the first time, tribal womenfolk in Shiekhwal village and Jamrud took to the streets on Monday to protest the flour’s price hike of Rs160 per kilogramme in the open market. Hundreds of local women from various labours gathered on the Pak-Afghan highway at Shiekhwal and placed obstacles on the route, halting all traffic. They claimed that an unprecedented spike in the price of bread and other vital items had put them out of reach and requested that the government limit inflation and give people relief. Similarly, women from subdivision Jamrud protested the price hike by holding a sit-in on Bypass Road complaining that they had no source of income and wondered how they would feed their children. Mutual conflicts of rulers, corruption, and hoardings, they said, had driven the country’s economy to its knees. They requested that the federal and provincial governments ensure the provision of necessary edibles to the underprivileged segments of society. After assurance from the administration and police authorities, the roadway was reopened

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