BRT Peshawar bags int’l Sustainable Transport Award

Peshawar  -   The Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT), known as Zu Peshawar, recently earned international acclaim by securing an Honorable Mention in the Sustainable Transport Award (STA) for its Bus Industry Restructuring Program (BIRP). Launched by Trans Peshawar, this initiative aimed to overhaul the city’s transport system by replacing 504 outdated vehicles with modern, eco-friendly diesel-hybrid buses. The result? A safer, more accessible, and environmentally conscious transit system benefiting Peshawar’s residents.

This recognition marked the fifth international award for BRT Peshawar, highlighting its exceptional standards. Previously hailed as South Asia’s first Gold Standard BRT system and the seventh globally, it had received an Honorable Mention in the 2022 STA Awards for Zu Peshawar, the BRT system itself.

Dr. Tariq Usman, CEO of Trans Peshawar, expressed pride in the project’s global image enhancement and its five significant international recognitions within a mere three years of operation. Emphasizing environmental concerns, the BIRP initiative prioritized replacing vehicles older than 30-40 years, posing risks to passengers and the environment, with modern, eco-friendly alternatives.

Ensuring transparency, the project fairly compensated vehicle owners based on asset value and provided a year’s compensation for business loss. Former transport system employees seamlessly transitioned into the new system, receiving improved amenities and maintaining continuity in their livelihoods.

Saddaf Kamil, Spokesperson for Trans Peshawar, underscored BIRP’s comprehensive model for sustainable urban development, emphasizing environmental responsibility and social inclusivity. Peshawar’s selection for the Honorable Mention, among finalists like Turkey, China, Albania, and Brazil, recognizes its prior innovative work on Zu Peshawar, improving public transport access for marginalized groups.

The BIRP not only laid the foundation for the BRT system but also expanded possibilities for public transport across the region. The project’s success not only celebrates the transit system’s efficiency but also its positive impact on the lives of its users. This recognition solidifies Peshawar’s commitment to sustainable, accessible, and environmentally friendly urban transportation.