The plight of ESEs

I seek attention of Chief Minister Punjab, Education Minister and other relevant authorities on the following subject. In 2002, the government of Punjab decided to revamp the education standard. It was decided to employ graduate teachers who were categorized as ESE (Elementary School Educators) SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) SSE (Secondary School Educators). In the annual budget 2003, 04, 05, they were not granted any relief against the ever-increasing price-hike. In September 2007, ex Chief Minister Punjab, announced a package for the teacher community of province, but it was unjust to ESE's who do have the same academic qualification as the other two categories, but have been denied the same benefits. They were imparted B.P.S 09 which is plain injustice. On the contrary SESEs were granted BPS 14. It is high time this issue is solved now because the federal government has already announced that all contract employees will be made permanent. Mr. Chief Minister, take this laudable step to improve education. Give ESEs at least BPS 14 immediately. -MUHAMMAD YAQOOB AHMED, Raiwind, via e-mail, June 30.

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