LAHORE - The reversal of petroleum prices to those of July 7 resuscitating the old nomenclature through a Presidential Ordinance has soured taste of the fruit which the people were enjoying after it had been borne by the Apex Court only two days ago by way of slashing carbon tax. Almost everyone chatting with this scribe bewailed over the govt decision. Many were pensive that the two steps taken in opposite direction in a quick succession by two different organs of the State on the same subject,might not lead to a conflict of activism and authoritarianism. The Supreme Court undid the carbon tax in light of the findings prepared by a Commission headed by a former senior judge, as to who was robbing the public through petroleum prices and how much. However, Attorney General of Pakistan in immediate reaction to it termed the cut of Carbon tax a loss of Rs two billion to the cash strapped State economy. Prior to that SC had stayed addition in the tariff of electricity when the Prime Minister had also announced the same as long as the power outages went on. In view of senior advocate A.K.Dogar, the President has the power to prevail upon the Court direction by way of changing the law through an Ordinance The reduction made in the petroleum prices under the judicial verdict had immediately prompted the transporters to bring down the fares which would now go up again. The sea-saw in the petroleum prices, is open to keep petroleum sellers in a hang up besides the transporters. Reduction in the prices of petrol was a big relief to the people as they always imputed that the rulers did not provide them with any relief by cutting down on their own expenditures, perks and privileges. In view of the experts, the ordinance is open to challenge under Constitutional jurisdiction of the superior courts for the reason that it was levied with a different title. At the public level, apprehension has been expressed about a cold war situation between the two organs of the State. The March 16 judiciary had come about through a grand public mobilisation countering certain reservations at a political end on the same. However, that period is not over and both govt and the judiciary appear determined to defeat the present challenges. Their judicious and timely actions are much needed by the nation and the people hope they would be taken.