ISLAMABAD (APP) - Capital Development Authority (CDA) would initiate construction work of an interchange and flyovers on Islamabad Expressway shortly after the designing of the project completes. The projects are in designing phase and work in this regard would be launched soon after all the formalities are completed, said a senior CDA official Thursday. We have dropped the plan to construct underpasses. Now we would construct flyovers on all the intersections. Some modest interchanges would be constructed on the Highway in different phases, said the CDA official. He said the construction of interchange at Karaal Chowk was their priority. The project would be executed in different phases. Besides this, a flyover would also be built on Kuri Chowk and an intersection has been planned for Lehtrar Chowk. The project is in planning phase that would follow the construction work. The official said, about a dozen interchanges and flyovers are planned to be constructed on Expressway as work on additional two rigid lanes has already been completed, making it the widest road of the country. The project is meant to provide separate way for heavy traffic, which sometimes also causes traffic accident and disrupts traffic flow. The multi-billion project includes seven flyovers and four interchanges on the Expressway from Faizabad Interchange to Rawat. These interchanges and flyovers are in addition to the under-construction Zero Point Interchange, he said. He said Islamabad Highway would be made signal-free and the project would take about two years for completion. After completion of the design, the Authority would start hiring of contractors for the execution of the project. The official said, flyovers are being planned at Sector I-8 traffic signal, Kurri Road, near PWD Housing Scheme, Soan Garden Scheme, Japan Road and Defence Housing Authority (near Commoners Town). While, interchanges would be built at Rawat, Karal Chowk, Soan and Khanna bridges. He said the Authority would install fences on both sides of the road on the pattern of the motorway, and no turning will be allowed from Faizabad to Airport Chowk. About 200,000 vehicles run the length of this portion of the road each day, making it the busiest in the federal capital. The traffic load has increased tremendously, and it has now become imperative that it be widened and made signal-free, he added.