It is indeed a matter of great shame for us that corruption has become a norm, while honesty and professional obligations are rare exceptions. Let us take our postal system. I am really very shocked that my son sent me an ordinary parcel containing a medicine, which is not available in Pakistan for my painful nervous system disorder. It is now over month and a half and I still have not received it at my address (655 Chaklala Scheme III, off road 6, Rawalpindi). That the staff of this organization would be so cruel and callous to steal medicine is beyond comprehension. I am sure that stealing is so deep rooted in our culture, that there would be no accountability. It is obvious that the postal departmental authorities-in-charge, Chaklala and in Rawalpindi will do nothing about it. I have lost confidence and instructed my well-wishers never to send me any parcel, as it is sure to be pilferaged. What have we turned Pakistan into? Postmaster General should be concerned about the 'image of his organization.'-DR S.M. RAHMAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, July 9.