ISLAMABAD - Indonesian Embassy Thursday arranged a magnificent gathering in connection with the upcoming 64th Independence Day of Indonesia, held at the Embassy premises. The ceremony that was hosted by Butar Latuconsina, spouse of Indonesian Ambassador, Ishak Latuconisna. Fostering the social and cultural bonds of friendship between Indonesia-Pakistan, was the title of the ceremony that followed some lively and splendid performances by Indonesian artists. Addressing a large number of audiences hailing from different cross sections of the society, Butar Latuconisna highlighted the origin of Indonesias independence. Indonesians across the world celebrate their Independence Day with remarkable jubilation, lively spirits and deep reverence for their homeland, she stated. She said that Indonesia and Pakistan enjoyed extremely cordial cultural and diplomatic relations and the event organised in this regard was reflection of warm mutual ties between the two states. The Envoys spouse said that a large number of Indonesian community was settled in Pakistan and vice versa. People of the both the countries shared cultural and traditional ties and masses of the two countries had deep respect and love for each other. Keeping in view our very close ties, we have tried to make this event as bright and colourful as possible, she added. Speaking on the occasion, the representatives of some local NGOs paid gratitude to Butar Latuconsina and Indonesian Embassy for frequently and consistently arranging remarkable cultural gatherings.