State Minister for Information, Syed Samsaam Ali Bukhari has said that military operation is almost over in Swat and adjoining areas therefore, military will remain in the area to safeguard the people. Talking to Voice of America (VOA) he said that keeping in view the problems being faced by the IDPs in the camps, the government had realized the fact that these displaced people belong to a cold weather areas and in camps they were facing adverse difficulty due to hot weather. So far all areas are not safe to return therefore IDPs will not be allowed to return those areas until clearance signal from the security forces. He said, I think Prime Minister has already announced that special Support Group headed by Lt General Nadeem will watch over and safe return of IDPs and local political and administrative teams will be available in the areas for its help. There are threats that the Taliban who are in hiding might come out and target people. Commenting on Smart cards for IDps, he maintained that in his opinion media is exaggerating the figure of IDPs who are not granted smart card yet. NADRA is providing smart card firstly to those people who are residing in the camps since they are facing adverse conditions. Furthermore, they took a family as one unit and did not count individuals as eligible for this facility and NADRA has technology to ensure this, he said.