Petroleum mafia

The government has mounted an armed action to establish its writ in Swat and Waziristan and adjoiniing areas. All the best wishes for this operation. But does the government realise that there are many areas in the civil life where its writ is being challenged every day and which do not need an armed action, only a sincere firm resolve. Alas both these qualities are sadly missing from the style of governance. for example; immediately after the announcement on June 30 about the increase in petroleum prices with effect from 1st July, the petrol pumps throughout the country stopped selling petrol for the entire day till 12 of night, so they could make profits, with absolutely no fear of any action from the government, which kept sitting complacently, doing nothing to save the people from a broad day robbery. Wasn't this an absence of writ of the government? Another example; some time back, the prices of palm oil crashed in the international market. The government tried to persuade the ghee mill owners to bring down the prices, but none of them did so, knowing full well this government will not take any legal action. Wasn't this another absence of writ of the government? There are other examples. For instance, the cement and sugar manufacturers are increasing their prices every other day without any reason, fleecing the hapless public. Beyond lip-service, has the government done anything to check this rise in prices. Where is the writ? -ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, via e-mail, July 2.

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