I am impressed by the way Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is creating an atmosphere of trust, professionalism and hard work in the parliament. He is one of the few Prime Ministers in the history of the country, who is not afraid of taking action against any elected minister or government employee, if they are found not to be working according to the standards. And the best thing is that he has managed to create such an atmosphere at a time, when the Army is trying to drive out militants in the north of Pakistan. I would like to make a suggestion, which can help save a lot of money in the national kitty. I would like him to issue orders for the collection and publication of all available official vehicles being used by the government employees and ministers in Pakistan, along with their models and engine size. Though the government of Pakistan had already issued orders, that cars used by the employees should be less then 1500 cc engine and locally manufactured, some continue to violate these rules. Reportedly, three provincial ministers of NWFP are using more then 7 luxury cars each for their personal use. Reducing the number of cars used by the government employees can save a lot of money. -SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, via e-mail, July 2.