KARACHI - Muhammad Sajjad of Pakistan scored crucial victory over Sascha Lippe of Germany in his five-player group C to ensure a place in the second stage of 3.8 million baht second SamSong six-red Grand prix snooker in Bangkok on Thursday according to information received here. Out of five matches, Sajjad won three and lost two. While losing to Habib Subah of Bahrain, Sajjad struck a break of 68. Another Pakistani Raees Alam placed in group F had won one and lost four matches with one match still in hand. Michael Holt of England registered the maximum break of 75 possible in the format against Chin of Singapore before winning. Four players from each of the eight groups will enter the second round of the championship which start on Friday. Results: Muhammad Sajjad beat John Higgins (Scotland) 5-0 (W-0, W-0.W-0.68-0, 61-1). Muhammad Sajjad beat Nappadon Noppachorn ( Thailand) 5-4 (29-34,28-36,1-48,32-19,21-32,30-18,31-1,39-0,36-15). Muhammad Sajjad beat Sascha Lippe (Germany) 5-2(8-41, 39-12, 34-0, 43-8, 39-14, 42-25,-8, 12-39). Muhammad Sajjad lost to Matthew Stevens (Wales) 2-5(W-0, 43-29, 1-62, 26-50, 32-43, 0-43, 16-53) Muhammad Sajjad lost to Habib Subah (Bahrain) 2-5 (27-37, 12-56, 41-0, 2-29, 68-0, 28-34, 0-41). Raees Alam beat Stuart Bingham (England) 36-1, 65-12, 42-25, 58-8, 36-38, 43-22. Raees Alam lose to Peter Ebadon (England) 0-48, 23-35, 22-34, 17-32, and 31-46. Raees Alam lose to Noppadol Sangnil(Thailand) 28-35,2-55,43-0,31-38,0-73,46-20,26-30. Raees Alam lose to Manan Chanda (India) 47-14, 9-57, 47-0, 22-30, 36-40, 34-8, and 35-14. Raees Alam to meet Darren Morgan( Wales) Group C: John Higgins (Scotland), Sascha Lippe (Germany), Habib Subah (Bahrain), Muhammad Sajjad (Pakistan), Noppadon Noppachron (Thailand). Mathew Stevens(Wales). Group F. Peter Ebadon (England), Darren Morgen (Wale), Manan Chandra (India), Raees Alam (Pakistan), Noppado Sangil (Thailand), Stuart Bingham( England). Five world professionals snooker champion including John Higgins of Scotland are appearing in the second edition of the championship. Other four world professional champions are: Shaun Murphy (England), Peter Ebadon (England), Mark J Williams (Wales) Ken Doherty (Ireland).The total purse in the 48 player championship is 3.8 million baht. The winner will take home one million baht and the runners up 500,000 baht. Rickey Walden of England is defending his title won in the first edition of the vent held last year. Other big names in the Grand Prix are Stephen Maguire (world number 2), Ryan Day (No.6), Joe Perry (No.12), Mark King (No.16), Barry Hawkins (No.17), Dave Harold (No.19), Stuart Bingham (No.21), Joe Swail (No.22, Michael Holt (No.24), Matthew Stevens (No.26), Liang Wendo (No.27), Nigel Bond (No.29), Jimmy White No.56). 2007 world amateur champion Atthasit Mahitthi, former Asian champion Issara Kachaiwong, Supoj Saenla, former world champion title holder Noppadon Noppadon, Noppadol Sangnil, and Phaithoon Phonbun are other top names in the competition. Players from Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, Burma, Pakistan, Singapore, UAE and Vietnam are also taking part in the competition.