Another Case of Fake Load Shedding

The PESCO authorities have registered an FIR against a PTI lawmaker from KP, who, along with a group of locals, forcefully entered the Rehman Baba Grid Station and switched on the electricity, effectively ending the load shedding in their region.

The PTI should use this opportunity to find out in the courts why PESCO is resorting to load shedding, especially when NEPRA’s report from last week highlights no electricity shortages, and High Court Orders prevent DISCOs from conducting unscheduled load shedding.

It is shameful to think there were no electricity shortages after the lawmaker forcefully turned on the electricity, proving that the shortage was a fake problem. Similarly, the government has been talking about increasing electricity usage, and SNGPL authorities have been highlighting high gas pressure in pipelines and RLNG electricity power plants not being utilized.

Creating a fake electricity shortage at such a time is a criminal offense against the people of KP and our country. People of Pakistan should complain about load shedding in their regions because Pakistan has double the electricity production capacity and no excuse for load shedding in any region at this time.

The current PM of Pakistan has installed the world’s best gas turbines, constructed dams, and installed solar power. He has also signed an RLNG supply contract with Qatar, all in an effort to end load shedding in Pakistan. Therefore, load shedding in any region of Pakistan is a conspiracy against the PM and the current government of Pakistan and should be investigated and stopped.