Awarness Seminar on Women economic empowerment held in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD   -  An awareness Seminar on Women Economic empowerment and Woman’s & Child legal rights organised by Women Protection Centre Sindh in collaboration with SPARC at National Incubation Centre  (NIC) Hyderabad.

Guest Speakers who are experts on Laws participated and apprised educated young girls and youth about their legal rights, Laws, Complaint mechanisms and Digital & economic literacy and business. Event also focused on creating awareness about constitutional rights, Pro-women & child laws, networking of young and engagement with skilled and digital business trainings. Dr Haseen Musrat, Marvi Awan, Zahid Thebo, Adv Irshad Channa, Shahida Rajper, Inspector Sadaf Rubab, Abdur Rab and Soughat Uderani participated as panelist guest speakers.

They shared their experience and expertise with young girls and youth and encourage them to get educated and create awareness in their small communities and institutions.