Incompetency of Police

The recent situation in Sindh province is critical and dangerous for citizens due to numerous incidents of snatching, plundering, robbery, and kidnapping occurring daily. My family and I were victims of a heartbreaking and painful robbery in our home at Police Station Khanpur Mahar in Ghotki district. On the night of June 6, 2024, around 2:00 AM, robbers secretly entered our home and stole five lakhs, some jewelry, one touch mobile, and a licensed double-barrel 12-bore gun kept for personal defense.

My father filed a complaint at the police station, but the police have shown no response and have only consoled us for more than two weeks. It is disheartening to see how our police can be so irresponsible and idle, failing to arrest the robbers for such a long time. I work in the United Kingdom and am often out of the country, making it difficult for me to help and look after my family in such a dire situation.

Therefore, feeling disheartened and depressed, I request the honorable IG of Sindh police and DIG Sukkur Senior Superintendent Police of Ghotki district to look into this issue seriously and provide us justice. As a respectable citizen, I also heartily request our honorable Sindh High Court to intervene and instruct the Sindh police to solve this matter and arrest the culprits as soon as possible. HIZBULLAH GADANI, Scotland.