Past in Perspective

“We should work together for the common good, and not allow our differences to degenerate into conflict.” –Qaid e Azam

As Pakistan emerged in 1947, Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision became a reality. As the country’s first governor general, he assumed leadership and saw it through its early years of development. He led the nation through difficult times with a strong sense of statesmanship, creating the foundation for a strong democracy. A generation was impressed by his charisma and leadership, which helped to forge Pakistan’s identity and promote harmony among its diverse populace. Though challenges abounded, Jinnah’s unwavering dedication and wisdom charted a course for Pakistan’s future, cementing his legacy as the Quaid e Azam, the Great Leader. Today Pakistani leaders can learn from Quaid e Azam’s vision, unity, and leadership. He prioritized education, democracy, and equality, and stood firm against sectarianism and provincialism. His inclusive strategy can be adopted by today’s leaders to ensure excellent government and accountability, national unity, education, and economic growth.