PSCA apprehends notorious mobile snatcher

LAHORE   -   The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) apprehended a notorious mobile snatcher. The accused had been involved in a series of mobile phone snatching, where he would swiftly escape on a motorcycle after committing the crime. These incidents had led to numerous citizens being deprived of their valuable mobile phones. Utilizing the state-of-the-art camera surveillance system, PSCA’s Safe City was able to track and identify the culprit. In video footage released by PSCA, the snatchers could be seen in action, swiftly grabbing mobile phones from unsuspecting victims before speeding away on their motorcycles. A spokesperson for PSCA emphasized the importance of citizen participation and urged residents to immediately report any suspicious activities or emergencies to emergency helpline number 15. This successful operation showcases how PSCA’s advanced technology and dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure public safety in the city.

By promptly responding to criminal incidents and apprehending those responsible, PSCA aims to create a secure environment for all residents in Punjab.