LAHORE - The provincial capital resounded with slogans of 'Go Musharraf Go' played on loudspeakers in cars, buses and motorcycles and the same written on banners displayed across the city in the manner of 'opening' of the long march. The graph of the passion in the general public went extra high when lawyers, students and activists of APDM parties took out a car rally comprising many buses, cars and uncountable motorcycles. The slogans of 'Go Musharaf Go' and 'The time has come to fight the final battle' cast a spell in the city as people listened the songs in their amazement from the loudspeakers of the rally. Eyewitnesses claimed that there was a touch of a revolution in the offing as students of number of colleges and activists of political parties together rushed to the Lahore High Court Bar Association to join hands with the lawyers in the rally earlier announced by a joint committee of the LBA, LHCBA and SCBA. The rally started from Lahore High Court Bar Association at 4pm and it took a full round of the city amid songs of "Go Musharaf Go" played on the loudspeakers in the rally on the buses and cars. Earlier, the motivated students in the shape of a rally of seven buses and dozens of cars and motorcycles reached Lahore High Court Bar Association where LHCBA president Anwar Kamal and secretary Asad ullah Khan welcomed them and appreciated their passion to join the long march for the restoration of Nov 2 judiciary and rule of law. The students vowed to take full participation in the long march for restoration of deposed judges. Among others students of Superior Group of Colleges were in the buses of the same college and they participated in the combined rally. Lawyers belonging to Pakistan Tehrek-e- Insaf Lawyers Wing led by its president Khalid Awan actively joined the car rally. Khalid Awan said that PTI lawyers were participating in the rally and they will participate in the long march which will start from Lahore to Islamabad on June 12. The route of the rally was very long as it moved on it reached Lahore District Bar, and then moved on wards to Chowk Yateem, Iqbal Town Muslim Town, Canal and by The Mall Road Concluded again at the Lahore High Court thus completing it tour of the city. As per the reports coming from various parts of the city the general pubic was taking a great interest in the rally and many from amongst the rally joined while singing the songs of Go Musharaf Go similar to the songs being displayed on the loudspeakers installed on the buses and cars in rally as it moved on and on in the different town and regions of the city of Lahore.   A day ahead of June 10 the day of Lone March it proved a good show of passion and strength. The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) said the car and motorbike rally was very successful as it created awareness among the masses for "Long March" to be commenced on June 10. Secretary LHCBA Rana Asadullah Khan said that the purpose of the rally was to mobilize the common peoples and to gain their support for the lawyer's ongoing movement aimed at the restoration of 'deposed' judges. He said the rally stayed at different main localities of the city as it moved on to take a round of the city before its culmination at the Lahore High Court. He said Lahore court Bar Association and Lahore Bar Association displayed banners for Long Mach call on all key pints of the city. He said the hundreds of people from amongst the general public joined the car rally and showed their determination to join the Long March for the restoration of judges. He said the Long March has started from Karachi and lawyers' caravans are heading towards their first destination at Multan.