LAHORE - The Punjab Government has directed all the local governments in the province to ensure implementation on the amended contract appointment policy, which provides 30 percent of the basic pay to the contract employees as social security benefits in lieu of pension. However, the retired persons who are getting pension are not eligible for this benefit when re-employed on contract basis. The government has made it clear to the local governments that the amendments were in continuation of contract appointment policy and thus were applicable from the issuance of amendment notification. The Punjab Govt amended the contract appointment policy in August 2005 to resolve the issues of pay packages by allowing 30 percent of the basic pay to the contract employees as social security benefits. But the local governments avoided to implement the decision and deprived the contract employees from the social security benefits. The government has directed the local governments to give social security benefits to the contract employees in their respective jurisdictions from the day of issuance of amendment notification. The Punjab government has also directed the local governments to provide lists of all contract employees with complete details of pay packages and allowances. The amended contract appointment policy also provides ad hoc/special relief and annual increment to the contract employees on the same pattern given to the regular government servants. However, special relief given to the regular govt servants will not be provided to those contract employees whose appointment is made on pay package other than the pay and allowances prescribed under the national pay scale. To such contract employees, the annual increment will also not be allowed unless specifically provided in the pay package. Appointment case hearing deferred The Lahore High Court (LHC) deferred till June 16, the hearing of a petition challenging the appointment of Dr Muhammad Saeed, professor at Post Graduation Medical Institute (PGMI) as on behalf of the Sheikh Zayed Hospital management informed that yet it could not receive instructions from the high ups. On Monday clerk of the hospital management's counsel appeared before the court and submitted a letter of the hospital management. According to the letter, the hospital management so far have not received any reply from the high-ups and as soon as it received the reply, it would submit that before it. The clerk also informed that the counsel for the hospital management Imran Aziz was not well and could not attend the proceedings. The court is hearing petition of two women assistant professors of the PGMI Dr Asifa Abbas and Dr Yasmin Shah.