KARACHI - Crows, who had made life hell for the animals in Safari Park and Karachi Zoological Garden for the past several years, now face the tune of death as the administration finally decided to kill them through airgun shooters and poisoning, The Nation has learnt on Monday. Flock of crows always hovering at Safari Park pose survival threats to the animals placed in open cages such as deer, zebras, bucks, ostriches, camels and others. These crows used to sit on backs of the animals and bite their flesh causing wounds and holes on their skin. Due to the shortage of staff and other resources, the Safari administration has failed to cope with this problem and save precious animals. Safari Park and Karachi Zoo come under the administrative control of Community Development Department (CDD) of CDGK. Informed sources in the CDD said that hundred of crows have made life difficult for caged animals. They bite ostriches in open cages with a result of three inches holes on their backs. The crows even manage to enter the netted cages of the ostriches.  Sources in the CDD further said that concerned authorities have planned to throw poisoned meat or other food items in open place besides hiring the services of airgun shooters to kill the crows at Safari Park and Karachi Zoological Garden. Recently appointed DO Safari Park Shariq Ilyas told The Nation that crows created a lot of problems for the animals by causing fatal wounds on their backs therefore it has been decided to eradicate this menace to save precious animals.    He further said that stray dogs are also creating problems for the animals especially newborn ones and added that stray dogs would also be killed during the campaign.  Ilyas confirmed that services of airgun shooters would be hired as well as employing the tactics of poisoned food items to kill the crows.