KARACHI - Dangerous diseases are spreading in costal areas from Karachi to Badin, sources told The Nation here on Monday. Affectees are still waiting for the government to provide relief them relief including food, medicines and drinking water. Different NGOs, providing relief to the affected villagers, have expressed their concern about the fast spread of fatal diseases in the coastal areas. The experts are of the view that dangerous diseases spreading rapidly in the costal villages include diahorea, skin ailments and stomach problems. PFF leader Mohammad Ali Shah has accused the mangrove-cutting mafia for bringing about this disaster the area. "Mangroves are natural shields around coastal localities, he said adding that the destruction of these shields may prove to be disastrous for other seashore localities as well. Hundreds of households have come under the high sea tides at Dabla Mohalla of Ibrahim Hyderi. The fishermen are waiting for the state intervention yet nothing has been made to help them. The experts have shown serious concern over the government's indifferent attitude. For the last two days, due to high tides in the Arabian Sea, several houses at Dabla Mohalla have been inundated. Scores of fishermen's families have been displaced and disturbed and are waiting for government help. PFF has calculated that due to inundation, hundreds of families are suffering from food shortage. Talking to The Nation, Nawaz Badlo, Chacha Hassan, Ismail, Basran and Marium said that for the last two days they have not eaten food. They said that to the cutting of thick mangrove forests, their village have been rendered vulnerable to high sea tides, which seriously affected many coastal localities including parts of the second largest village Rehri Mayan as well as the Dabla and Lut Basti neighbourhoods. A large number of houses situated near the seashore have been inundated forcing the residents to abandon their dwellings. The authorities concerned have failed to provide quick relief to the affected families, especially the residents of Dabla where as many as 300 houses have been inundated.