RATTLED by a fresh wave of suicide attacks, the government on Monday scrapped a deal signed last month with the Taliban that had been bitterly opposed by the United States and Afghanistan, reports The Times of India. "The Swat agreement is scrapped as the militants have (continued) their attacks on security forces," Rahman Malik, advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Affairs, told reporters in Islamabad. The government in the North West Frontier Province had signed the agreement with Taliban in the Swat valley under which the group had given a commitment that they would stop attacks on security forces. It was also decided that the soldiers would be gradually withdrawn from the region. Malik's announcement came a day after Taliban killed four policemen in an ambush in Matani, near Peshawar. Malik said the Swat peace deal has come to an end following the activities by armed insurgents, reported a private TV channel. He said the armed Taliban were active in militancy in Swat, and peace deal could no longer be honoured in such situation. He further said the authorities had arrested 9 suicide bombers in Islamabad who were planning for a major target. Speaking at National Assembly, he said action would be taken against foreign elements active in Balochistan. He said a summary had been sent to PM seeking the regularisation of religious seminaries. Agencies add: Reacting strongly to the statement made by Interior Advisor about the scrapping of Swat peace deal, the NWFP government said that the peace deal in Swat is still in place and government would honour the agreement with the Taliban. "We have signed the peace deal with the Taliban in Swat for restoration of peace in the valley and we are still adhered to the agreement reached with the Taliban. If the federal government has any reservation regarding the peace deal it should have brought it into the notice of Chief Minister Haider Khan Hoti so that we would have come to know what is the matter," said Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain while reacting to the statement made by Rehman Malik regarding the abolition of Swat peace agreement with Taliban. The spokesman for provincial government said that the NWFP government had not made any such announcement, therefore the agreement was still in place and both the sides would honour the peace pact despite Interior Advisor's announcement that the deal had scrapped. The architect of the peace agreement in Swat Senior Minister Bashir Bilour while reacting to the statement said that the provincial government would take a stand over its commitment and would not scrap the peace deal. "Provincial government is here to look after the matters of the province and take important decisions. Rehman Malik has no right to make any such decision without consulting the provincial government," Bashir Ahmad Bilour, who led the government team for negotiations with the Taliban of Swat remarked. Bilour said Advisor to PM on Interior should use the proper channel and consult the NWFP Chief Minister if he had any reservations over the peace deal with the Taliban in Swat. "But he has no right to bypass the provincial government which has won the public mandate and take the decision in favour of its people," he added.