ISLAMABAD (APP) Ministry of Labour and Manpower has worked out a plan to upkeep record on the country's workforce in line with modern requirements by introducing a comprehensive database. "Having studied the systems in developed countries for maintaining the information on their workforce and their utility, given the market's requirements, the ministry has started work to introduce such measures", official said here Monday. The ministry had been in contact with relevant experts of the system, which would also provide up-to-date information to researchers and policy makers to utilize them for future strategies on labour market, he added. He said the project to be called 'Labour Market Information System & Analysis' (LMIS&A) would also have regular statistics with useful analysis about latest situation of employment, under-employment, besides other information on labour market. He said it was a futuristic step on the part of the ministry as it would also depict future trends in labour market and to monitor the country's employment policies in view of the prevailing challenges. Official said that ministry held a seminar on LMIS&A in the last month to collect proposals and suggestions of experts to introduce workable and viable system on labour market information. He said the labour market was facing various challenges like unemployment, under-employment and mismatch between the demand and supply of skills productivity. The Ministry had taken various steps to address these issues through development and implementation of the economic and employment policy framework, he added.