LAHORE - The Pakistan Electric Power company (PEPCO) has readjusted the loadshedding schedule for industry and tubewells while electricity supply will also be increased for other sectors including agriculture tubewells. The adjustment was finalised in a meeting presided over by the Federal Secretary for Water and Power here at WAPDA House Monday. MD (PEPCO), representatives of industry as well as agriculture sector and senior PEPCO officials attended the meeting. As per the schedule, textile industry, fed through independent or grouped 11-KV feeders, will now be provided electricity throughout the day for 24 hours against the earlier closure of 6 hours each day during peak hours. Power looms will be provided supply for 18 hours every day, with at least two continuous spells of power supply for 6 hours each against the earlier closure of upto 10 hours in certain parts of the country. Flour and ghee mills will be provided electricity for 18 hours daily with provision of two spells of 8 hours each against the earlier closure of 6 to 10 hours daily. All types of continuous process industries will be provided continuous supply throughout the day. However, they will reduce their running loads during the peak hours i.e. 1800 to 2200 hours. Pre-dominantly industrial feeders will be provided electricity for 18 hours, preferably with closures between 1800 to 2400 hours daily, against the earlier closure of 6 to 10 hours. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will specifically benefit from this measure. Agriculture tubewells will be provided continuous power supply during night time daily to avail special rebated tariffs against the earlier continuous supply period of only 6 to 8 hours.