ISLAMABAD - "Plagued Mindset", a short documentary on recent incidents of girls given as compensation to end disputes, by Samar Minallah was screened here Monday. Tahira Abdullah from HRCP, condemning the recent incident of Sawara in which 15 minor girls were traded for a dead dog on the borders of Sindh and Balochistan, claimed that all such customs have been prevailing under the shelters of the politicians either they belong to the ruling party or the opposition.  She informed that Qaim Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh, had announced that it was an issue of Balochistan and case must be reregistered by the Balochistan government whereas the Balochistan government has said that the area is not in their jurisdiction.   Customs called Vanni, Sang Chatti, Sakh, Khoon Baha, Stan and Mayaar are all practices whereby women are given as compensation in resolving a dispute in various parts of the country. The dynamics, procedure and rationale behind these practices are almost the same. The documentary showed that the similar practices spread widely in all provinces of Pakistan having their roots in tribal culture are not only prevalent but go unabated in many areas. Despite considerable progress in recognizing and curbing the violation of human rights in Pakistan, especially violence against women and girls, practices such as Swara exist even today. It is a socially sanctioned crime that is not geographically restricted to one region. Samar Minallah speaking on the event told that in Balochistan, Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetraan from PML-Q have been forcing an old man to give his two daughters to the drivers of the Sardar as compensation. On the refusal of the father to give his daughters, Sardar has put brother of the girls in his private jail. The representatives of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Tahira Abdullah, Dr. Inayatullah and Dr. Nasreen condemned the incident and alleged that all it had been going on under the cover of Military Intelligence (MI) and the government. Despite that the Supreme Court and Sindh High Court have declared jirga system as illegal and to give such decisions is a criminal offence, still such practices are on the rise. They regretted that due to lack of implementation of the law tribal elders who make such decisions are not accountable so the crime rate is increasing day by day.