Pakistan should have been more powerful, more secure and more prosperous after declaring its nuclear capability in 1998. But it is not. It seems Pakistan has become more submissive, more destabilised, more vulnerable and more prone to internal and external threats. The fact remains that it was Pakistan's nuclear capability that averted the Indian aggression in 2002. What is the reason Pakistan has been apparently rendered insecure in the last seven, eight years? Power alone does not make your territory secure. You need a bit of wisdom as well. Setting our own house in order must be the priority. Even a layman understands that the world at large is all out against Pakistan's acquiring the nuclear capability. They have planned to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear assets. For this purpose they have hatched the mother of all conspiracies against Pakistan, with internal and external threats, economic meltdown, water scarcity, energy crisis, and through spreading despondency and dissatisfaction, hatred and dread amongst our masses. They are projecting to the world that the militants are likely to take over the control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. They are planning to take control of Pakistan's nuclear armament forcibly. Internally, they have started insurgencies, arming and funding the militants and paving the ground for disintegration of the country. -BAZGHA AYUB, Gujrat, via e-mail, May 27.