LAHORE-Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif secured vote of confidence on Monday from the Punjab Assembly as 266 members voted for him, while the Opposition continued their boycott of the session and stayed out of the House despite an effort to bring them on the floor of the Assembly. After the members reposed confidence in him, Shahbaz Sharif graciously thanked his own partymen and coalition colleagues besides vowing to come up to the expectations of all, including the people of the province. 'Nothing will hold us back in making the Punjab an exemplary province and we will come upto the expectations of all, including our coalition partners, as we will take this House along us', he said. He said with the help of Assembly members, his team will make tireless efforts to overcome challenges being confronted by the people, as the govt will embark upon plans for the welfare of masses. 'The present govt is committed towards working for the welfare and prosperity of the common man. The vision of Quaid-i-Azam will be promoted to make Pakistan truly welfare Islamic State', he added. In his Monday's address, Shahbaz Sharif specifically concentrated on the contribution of women-folk in the economic and social betterment of the country. He said that women must come forward to play an active role in the progress and prosperity of the country. 'As they form half the country's population, their participation in every walk of life is a must for strengthening the economy, politics, industry, trade and other sectors, he ,added, while citing examples of some developed and under-developed countries. While launching a bitter attack on the previous rulers over constructing Chief Minister's Secretariat at a cost of Rs 1.5 billion, he said the premises would now be used to house the Information Technology University for Women. He also sought advice from women Parliamentarians. Shahbaz Sharif also pointed out that the bureaucracy was against the idea. 'The afsarshahi came up with divergent reasons like that of creating traffic bottleneck in the premises. Where were they when such a stupendous amount was being spent on the palace?', he quoted himself when he posed the question to the officers. He announced in the House that a commission would be constituted for the betterment of the education sector. About 100 per cent enrolment at schools will be ensured by year 2010 by creating enough number of schools and universities, besides providing good teachers to the students, he added. He assured the minorities full cooperation, as 'besides equal to all, the minorities are important segments of the society, and complete religious freedom will be ensured as every one has the right for practising his religion sans interfering in other religions', he said, while referring to Quaid-i-Azam's saying about granting complete religious freedom to all. Earlier, Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal gave color to the ,otherwise, dull proceedings of the special session, when he lavishly praised Shahbaz Sharif in English-perhaps not given second reading-and poetry not checked from the original works, which made witty Shahbaz retort by saying 'I will avoid speaking the language (English) and poetry you spoke'. He reciprocated Rana's gesture by praising the latter's father and family for their contribution in politics. 'You are Mr know-all, son of the soil. You are such an intelligent CM (I am) yet to see as CM Punjab before this. You know each and every things (thing). You know all Parliamentarians, Ministers and industrialists. You know your goals and 15 computers have been fit in your body', said the Rana to an ample amusement of the members. Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed was specifically critical of the previous govt, and accused them of looting public money. He underlined the need to keep everybody on board while developing the province. 'Billions of rupees have been embezzled in various projects, which should be taken back from the former rulers. Health and Education sectors need special attention besides reforming the police', he set the agenda, while assuring Shahbaz Sharif full cooperation from all. 'We have accepted these challenges, and we will support you as you are our captain. However, you have to treat all equally', he added. Parliamentary leader Pakistan Muslim League (F) Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood asserted that the reforms should be equally distributed across the Punjab. PML (N) member Ch Abdul Ghafoor, in his usual emotional rhetoric, threw lavish praise on the Sharif family for their contribution towards democracy. 'From Mian Muhammad Sharif Rehmat Ullah Alai to Shahbaz Sharif, they all played their due role. Now the Opposition is erecting tents outside the PA building, if at all they have to, they must do it outside the graveyard where the Lal Masjid children have been buried', he said. A number of members also congratulated Shahbaz Sharif for getting vote of confidence and assured him full support for development of province, progress and prosperity of the people. Earlier, the session started late by one and half hour. At the time of the vote of confidence, the members registered themselves for the counting prior to the announcement of the result by the chair.