The art of prevarication

Many leaders in PPP strongly disagree with the co-chairman's modus operandi and agenda. But is there anyone who will do the needful? The coalition government is no more. Punjab is beset by a power struggle. The country is facing high-level shortages of various goods and services, which are crippling the economy. Poverty is triggering suicides and further inflation and shortages are predicted to bring large-scale violence and rioting. We need best of governance but leaderships of the largest political party is busy playing games in Bhurban, Dubai and London. This leadership has not only wasted time of its coalition partners but also of the people. By making promises and breaking them, by saying one thing and doing exactly the opposite, they have lost confidence of the people. They talked of revenge through democracy against dictatorship and then moved along and put the president's man into governorship of the largest province. One does wonder whether they are good at anything except the art of prevarication. -ZAHID M. KHAN GISHKORI, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 28.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt