I do not understand what kind of agreement has been reached between the government and Taliban. The government is releasing Taliban prisoners but the terrorists are continuing with the blowing up of CD/music shops, girls' schools and killing army personnel. The ground reality is that these mullahs want a territory to rule according to their brand of Islam, which is totally against the teachings of our Holy Book. Now the question is, are we ready to succumb to terrorists' demands or fight it out with them. This is not the only case, though. Recently, Senator Sanaullah Baloch of BNP resigned from the Senate and the leader of the house Mian Raza Rabani was bending over backwards and forwards to appease him. He even apologised openly for the military action in Balochistan that his government had not done. Mian Rabani crossed all limits when he suggested that those who have come in Balochistan from other provinces should not have the right to vote in that province. This is shocking and beyond belief.-ZAFAR ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, June 9.