PESHAWAR (PPI) - The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Monday warned government if the peace agreement with them was scrapped and war was 'imposed' on them then the battlefield for the new war would be the capital City Islamabad and other parts of the Punjab. "We don't want to harm Pakistan, we want peace and however if the government violated the peace agreement and imposed the war then this time war would not be confined to FATA and NWFP rather we would choose the new field for this war and it would be fought in the major cities of Punjab," said Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan's spokesman Maulvi Umar while talking to this news agency on phone from undisclosed location. Commenting on Rehman Malik's statement about scrapping the peace deal, the Taliban spokesman said that he (Rehman Malik) was a new man and he actually not aware of the Taliban Power. "Rehman Malik is not known to the power of TTP, he must get inform himself about us from those who fought the war against Taliban. What is the power of Taliban is best known to the security forces who were engaged in fight with us," he remarked. He said that the security forces had several times after the ceasefire violated the agreement and attacked the Taliban citing examples of Tank, saying that "security forces attacked Hayattullah's home, the commander affiliated with TTP and injured him". Replying to a question, TTP spokesman said that attack on the defunct Tehreek Nifaze Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM) leader Sufi Mohammad's convoy was not aimed at to harm him (Sufi Mohammad) rather it was attack on police guarding TNSM leader. "Why Sufi Mohammad had chosen to travel under police security," he questioned. Agencies add: a spokesman for Taliban in Swat, Muslim Khan, said that they had signed the agreement with the provincial government and would continue honouring it till the provincial government would not scrap the agreement. He, however, warned that if the situation was worsened and peace was damaged the responsibility would be on Rehman Malik. "We would see how the provincial government would respond towards the statement made by Rehman Malik, we would react in the same manner after knowing the NWFP government's response on the issues," he added.