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A cow rescued from a neglectful animal hoarder is now free to roam her California ranch, but whatever you do don’t call her a heifer. Milkshake, as she’s called, believes herself a dog. Beth DiCaprio at the Grace Foundation says the cow trots around the El Dorado Hills ranch along with her canine best friend and even refuses to eat grass like her bovine relatives. ‘Milkshake is still not convinced she is a cow and has never been a fan of grazing,’ DiCaprio told Caters. The 1,200 pound Hereford heifer was taken in by the Grace Foundation - a non-profit that usually only fosters needy horses - after she was rescued from an animal hoarder who kept her locked in a cage. ‘When Milkshake first arrived at the ranch she didn’t even know what grass was,’ said DiCaprio.

Now she has all the space to roam she could want. But she’d prefer to follow DiCaprio and her mutt friend Riley.

‘She follows me around all day long, just like my dogs - she comes and watches me tend to all the other animals,’ said DiCaprio. ‘She’s even followed me into the bathroom before, although she was a little scared of her own reflection.’ Milkshake also eats like a dog.

‘I think she thinks it’s pointless finding her own food when she can wait on us bringing it to her in a bowl, like her dog friends,’ DiCaprio said.

Now eight years old, Milkshake is like a real-life bull in a china shop - especially when there is food to be found.

The heifer goes graze-y whenever food is around and has been known to knock over furniture that’s been in her way.

Beth, 51, said: ‘If she goes into a room she causes mayhem - especially if she spots some snacks.’

The Grace Foundation, which was founded 10 years ago, is home to more than 200 ‘last chance’ animals who have been saved from all over California.

The not-for-profit ranch normally only takes in horses but Milkshake is a real hit with visitors and staff alike. Beth added: ‘Everyone loves Milkshake - she’s certainly one of a kind.’